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Wilton Mega Cookie Bakeware Set

Wilton's 14-piece cookie bakeware set is the perfect way to get your baking game on. This set comes with a-tape measure, 1 cup backstage sugar cookie dough, and a twelve-inch pie dish trumpet maker.

Wilton Mega Cookie Bakeware Set Target

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Wilton Mega Cookie Bakeware Set Walmart

The wilton mega cookie bakeware set is a great way to create amazing cookies and breads with your children. There is a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so they are able to create anything they may want. The bakeware is easy to clean with an oven/washer protection system, so they are never left without a smile. this wilton 14 piece mega set nonstick baking sheet grid is perfect for cookies and other pastries. The sheet has a high-quality nonstick design that makes them come out perfectly sweet. It also has a grid system for making sure every single cookie is getting a turn in the oven. The set includes a wilton mega baking sheet, 15 inch wallspace tilt-a-whirl utensil and is made of durable materials like metal for lasting use. The non-stick baking sheet helps prevent sticking and the cutter makes it easy to create different shapes.